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Spirit (of Kindness) Week

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During our all-school Spirit Week, our Middle and High School students also celebrated Spirit of Kindness Week and heard from Sienna, a representative of Revealing Kindness LLC, on how and why it is important to be kinder to each other.

Organized and led by senior Avery W, students spent the week practicing kindness to others as well as participating in the “Pie in the Face” fundraising campaign. Avery asked students to put spare change into one of four jars labeled with four of our staff members’ names: Andy Johnson, Jim Harper, Amanda Micheletty and Samantha Cole.

Whoever received the most donations in their jar would not only get to choose which charity to donate all of the funds to, but they would also receive a pie in the face during our Spirit Week Pep Rally. After the original donations were calculated, it was revealed Jim Harper, Art teacher, and Amanda Micheletty, English teacher, were tied. After accepting a few last minute donations, Amanda was the lucky winner of a pie to the face with all of her students cheering her on. You can watch the video on our Instagram here.

Other Spirit Week activities included students dressing up based on a theme each day, such as a day dedicated to wearing your favorite international sports team jersey, to making plaid rad again, to wearing one color in solidarity with classmates. Middle and High School grades each participated in a dodgeball tournament during lunch with Grade 8 taking the final win against Grade 12 – the Grade 8 champions are pictured below. All grades competed in a relay race and Riverstone cheer contest with Grade 12 winning both competitions.

This week not only encouraged our students to be kind to one another, but to feel pride for the school they attend and the peers they share it with. Check out all of the pictures from this week’s events below!