Mission and the Five Pillars

Our Mission

Our mission guides every decision that is made at Riverstone International School. Providing the best education and preparation for our students long after they leave our doors is always at the forefront of our thoughts and actions. Our mission is as follows:

Riverstone International School inspires courageous journeys of academic and personal exploration that enable our students to lead purposeful lives.

Five Pillars

At Riverstone, the Five Pillars provide the basis for everything we do.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Community and Service
  • Leadership by Example
  • International Understanding
  • Outdoor Education

Using these pillars as guides, we create pathways for our students to explore academically and personally. These explorations help students develop a greater understanding of who they are and the mindset to find purpose in their lives.

Although the experiences associated with each of the Five Pillars differ depending upon the age of the student, overarching principles define each of the pillars and the activities associated with them. We encourage you to read more about each pillar in the individual school sections.

Academic Excellence

At Riverstone, every student arrives with his or her individual knowledge, strengths, and needs, and will be challenged and supported accordingly. By creating a shared expectation between students and the school to strive for personal growth and academic excellence, we help students become independent thinkers whose curiosity, creativity, and commitment bring life-long success.

Community and Service

Riverstone International School is a diverse community of parents, students and staff who challenge and support one another while learning, sharing, exploring and serving together. Our individual passions, interests, and cultures combine to create a connected community that supports the mission of the school, as well as our local and global communities.

Leadership by Example

At Riverstone, we value leadership. Students develop into leaders by influencing those around them through the examples they set and how they lead their lives.

International Understanding

At Riverstone, students cultivate a diverse world-view and appreciation for the world’s peoples and cultures via academic endeavors and personal experiences. Through classrooms, in-home exchange programs, the outdoors, and international travel experiences, students form an international understanding that will give them the ability to engage and contribute to our global society.

Outdoor Education

Riverstone’s outdoor education program provides our students with learning-based experiences that build self-confidence, teamwork, leadership, and responsibility, while fostering a greater appreciation for nature and the environment. Through activities that extend the classroom curriculum to the outdoors, our students learn to overcome challenges and forge lifelong skills that help them succeed at Riverstone — and prepare them for life beyond our doors.