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All School Assembly & Fall Trip Prep

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Following our first All-School Assembly of the year, our 7th – 12th grade students met with trip leaders to prepare for next week’s Back to School Fall Trips. Heading out on Wednesday morning, Sept. 8, and returning Friday afternoon, Sept. 10, students will backpack into lakes in the Sawtooth, White Cloud, and Salmon River Mountains surrounding Stanley, ID.

Aside from showcasing the beauty of our Idaho landscape, these trips help to develop friendships and maintain the unity that has characterized the school since its inception. They are always highlights of the school year and a unique part of the Riverstone experience.

If you or your student has questions about the upcoming trips, contact Ben Brock at or check out the Outdoor Program tab on the website for more information.






First Day of School!

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Whether it’s your child’s first day of preschool or the first day of their senior year, the first day of school is sight unlike any other. New shoes, new backpacks, freshly combed hair, and all those school supplies! Some of the highlights of the day included our Parents’ Association Welcome Coffee, first assemblies in all three divisions, our preschoolers first trip to the library, and Middle School teambuilding exercises. Judging by the looks on the kids’ and teachers’ faces, we’re off to a great start!












We’re Ready!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

This week, the energy level has been picking up around both the Warm Springs Campus and Broadway Campus. All of our staff are back! They’ve been busy preparing classrooms, have attended planning and training meetings, and obtained or renewed Red Cross First Aid/CPR certifications. All to make sure that 2010-2011 is the best year ever!

For our families and students: Be sure to squeak every last ounce of fun out of the final days of summer vacation!









Thank You to Our Host Families!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Thank you to all of our fabulous families who have opened their hearts and homes to one (or two!) of our visiting international exchange students this coming school year. That was the sentiment echoed throughout today’s orientation session for host families, organized by Gemma Utting, Riverstone’s International Student Coordinator. With additional support and advice from Rachel Pusch, Admissions Director, Jane Kaserman, ELL Coordinator, and Ben Brock, Outdoor Director, our host families talked about connecting with their students before he/she arrives, language barriers, transportation, chores (!), birthdays, and everything in between.

At this time, we have all of our visiting students matched up with wonderful families but will have additional opportunities in January 2011. Email Gemma Utting at if you are interested in hosting at a future time.

Check out this video from Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, about the importance of American families hosting exchange students:



Summer School: Ooey Gooey Science Finale

Friday, August 13th, 2010

From Kari Boazman: “Sadly, today was our last day of Ooey Gooey Science Camp. We made two different types of ice cream, one in an ice cream maker and one in plastic baggies with ice. We also made bubble snakes and bubble prints. Our finale was to make Mentos volcanoes.

Thank you so much for sharing your children with us! We had a great week of science experiments.”

Alex Day 5

Day 5 Ethan M

Making Ice Cream

Lauren and Charlotte Day 5

Summer School: More Ooey Gooey Science!

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Kari Boazman, our Ooey Gooey teacher, sent in this update: “Yesterday we made two different types of silly putty, also known as Slime. We made Raining Color and our favorite…..Purple Volcanoes! Today, we painted with frozen water colors, created liquid colored layers to learn about density, made puffy paint and painted with it, conducted an experiment called ‘The Big Fizz’ and launched Alka-Seltzer rockets!! I am not sure who is having more fun: me or the kids???”

Alease Day 2

Charlotte Day 2

Cord Day 2

Ethan M and Cosimo Day 2

Kathleen Day 3

Summer School: Ooey Gooey Science

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Kari Boazman, Ooey Gooey Science teacher, writes after the first day of one of Riverstone’s most popular summer camps: “Today, we played with Rainbow Stew, mixed colors and made prints, watched colors mixing in milk, played in Oobleck, and made volcanoes that erupted with baking soda and vinegar! We had a great day!!!”

Reid II

Kari and Cosimo

KK and volcano