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Give It Up! Benefit Concert

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Grade 8 is thrilled to report that the Give It Up! Benefit Concert raised $1,261 to send to the Lotus Children’s Centre in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We will be sending the orphanage a full report of the concert and the money raised shortly. We hope to send them footage from the wonderful and lively event so they can see how many people from our community came out to support the project.

We know that the money will make a big difference in their efforts to improve their facility. We are so grateful to everyone who performed at the concert and everyone who came out to support our effort. Thank you!


Spring Time Jam Session

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Great music, beautiful weather, BBQ and socializing combined for a great Friday lunch on the quad.

South African Gumboot Dance

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Jon Swarthout from Treasure Valley Institute for Children’s Arts (TrICA) spent several weeks with our Grade 3 students as part of their Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves. The students learned that dance is a form of expressing oneself and a way to tell a story. They focused on the South African Gumboot Dance, which represents the Gumboot dance of the South African male slaves who were taken from their families and made to work in the poison waters of the gold mines during apartheid. The slaves were made to wear gumboots (rubber boots) and used the slapping and stomping to 1) communicate with each other in the mine as they were not allowed to talk and 2) as entertainment and spirit-lifting once they returned to the camps. The dances were even used as publicity for the mine owners because they believed it showed that they were treating the miners well.

To round out their unit and integrate other subjects, our children drew bodies in motion in art, wrote expository paragraphs about the history of the gumboot dance, and read about other dance traditions across other cultures.

The open house for this unit was the kids’ dance performance and it was spectacular! Congratulations to the kids and thanks to Jon Swarthout!


Senior Music Recital

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Thank you to all those who supported our students by attending the Senior Recital this week. We have incredibly talented students in our Senior Class and Wednesday evening was a chance to see them at their best. With original solo and group compositions and performances on guitar, trumpet and piano, the audience were treated to a varied and joyful expression of what makes our students unique and wonderful, culminating in a large group performance by “The Kodak Moment” in a collaborative composition which rocked our socks off. It is an amazing achievement that these students continue to create and perform in the midst of all their IB preparations and college counseling. Thank you Riverstone Seniors! And thank you to Music teacher, Alison Steven, for inspiring our students!

The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Our IB Diploma Programme Theater Arts students performed The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket at the Fulton Street Theater on Tuesday night. Renee Knappenberger, their teacher, wrote in the program, “I chose this play because I love the character of Daniel, believing in himself and his abilities, against the advice of every other person in his life. I think that there is a lot of Daniel in most Riverstone students. They know, in their hearts, that they have the ability to succeed against all odds. That is why I continue to teach at Riverstone and that is why I continue to believe that I can too…”

We couldn’t agree more!

Special thanks to Tony DeAngelis, a Riverstone parent, for joining our cast as Mr. Rice!

Middle School Music Showcase

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Riverstone’s Middle School Contemporary Band, Choir, and Classical Ensemble performed this afternoon at the Fulton Street Theater for classmates and parents. Wow! Great job everyone! Thanks to Mr. Brown, Mrs. DeLaney, and Ms. Steven for guiding our students to these great performances!

Contact Kari Boazman at if you are interested in joining one of the groups.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Last Friday, the Grade 2 classes wrapped up their Unit of Inquiry, “How We Express Ourselves,” by performing Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Our Elementary and Middle School students enjoyed the morning show, with families and friends joining us for the evening performance.

According to Trevor Lindsay, Grade 2 teacher, the production was truly a collaboration between students and the community. “Our two classes collaborated on everything having to do with the play. We also worked with students from the middle and high school. High school art students helped us create and paint the background scenery. Middle school students met with our classes and then created original mood music to play as a soundtrack between scenes. We also made props and costumes in art with Mr. Jay, learned a contemporary song with Shakespeare-themed words in music class with Mrs. Summerville, wrote poems and made a program on the computers with Mr. Hamilton, and designed our own stories and plays using the iPads with Mr. Miller.

As with all our units, we encouraged parents and experts from the community to make presentations to the classes. This year, we had author and parent Tony Doerr talk with us about expressing ourselves through creative writing. Idaho Shakespeare Festival actor DA Smith shared insights about Shakespeare and helped us refine our acting skills. Tony and Caren DeAngelis, parents and former actors, guided our students through improv activities and helped the students to become more expressive in their acting.”

Although the pictures can’t capture the essence of live performance, you can still get a sense of the magic that we all felt watching these amazing students! Thanks to everyone who assisted the students and special thanks to Trevor Lindsay and Pete Burton, our Grade 2 teachers, for guiding our kids through this wonderful process.

Advice from an ISF Professional

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

As part of the preparation for their upcoming performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Grade 2 students were recently treated to advice from a true Shakespearean actor, David Anthony (DA) Smith, an actor with the Idaho Shakespeare Festival (ISF). DA will be performing in his 12th season with the ISF this summer! He talked with the children about Shakespeare himself and about his various works. DA was very impressed with how much the kids already knew about Shakespeare!  

The kids also performed a few scenes for DA to watch and critique. He gave them some great tips that they could use to improve their performances, such as, ” What word is found in the middle of REHEARSAL?”  HEAR Half of acting is hearing/listening and reacting to your fellow actors. The highlight of the visit might have been when DA showed the kids his custom made rapier, a.k.a a sword to us common folk.  The kids thought it was too cool!

Thanks DA!  We look forward to seeing you as the Prince in Romeo & Juliet, as well as your major performance in A Winter’s Tale this summer.

To learn more about the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, visit their website.