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Idaho National History Day 2017

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Not only did 84 Riverstone students continue their exceptional tradition in the regional National History Day competition this weekend, but Riverstone was also the host to all Treasure Valley competitors!

Congratulations to the 35 Riverstone students advancing to the State competition on Saturday, April 15 at the College of Idaho – the student names and their placements in their respective categories are included below.

Individual results are as follows. Please congratulate these students if you happen to see them. Please also thank our dedicated teachers and staff who made all of this possible: Jeff Cole, Trevor Lindsay, Joe Beard, Kate Riede, and Andy Johnson.

Grade 5

  1. Blake B – Youth Individual Website, 2nd Place
  2. Thomas B and Ethan E – Youth Group Website, 1st Place
  3. Laura F – Youth Individual Exhibit, 3rd Place
  4. Nolan G – Youth Individual Exhibit, 1st Place
  5. William G – Youth Individual Exhibit, 2nd Place
  6. Carter H -Youth Individual Historical Paper, 3rd Place
  7. Lily S – Youth Individual Historical Paper, 1st Place
  8. Fiona VDG -Youth Individual Historical Paper, 2nd Place

Grade 6

  1. Parker B – Junior Individual Performance, 2nd Place
  2. Lucas E – Junior Individual Website, 2nd Place
  3. Annie L – Junior Individual Website, 1st Place
  4. Gabby M – Junior Individual Historical Paper, 3rd Place
  5. Katie M – Junior Individual Historical Paper, 2nd Place
  6. Michael M –  Junior Documentary, 3rd Place
  7. Nina N – Junior Individual Website, 3rd Place
  8. Aidan S – Junior Individual Exhibit, 1st Place
  9. Kimberly S – Junior Individual Exhibit, 4th Place

Grade 7

  1. Solomon B – Junior Individual Exhibit, 3rd Place
  2. Darci D – Junior Individual Website, 2nd Place
  3. Andrew E – Junior Documentary, 2nd Place
  4. Meghan F – Junior Individual Exhibit, 3rd Place
  5. Derek L – Junior Individual Performance, 1st Place
  6. Hailey W – Junior Individual Exhibit, 2nd Place
  7. Ryan W – Junior Individual Website, 3rd Place

Grade 8

  1. Spencer B – Junior Individual Exhibit, 2nd Place
  2. Walker C – Junior Individual Website, 3rd Place
  3. Emma G – Junior Individual Historical Paper, 1st Place
  4. Gavin G – Junior Documentary, 1st Place
  5. Olivia G – Junior Individual Website, 1st Place
  6. Ethan H – Junior Documentary, 1st Place
  7. Nathan M – Junior Individual Website, 1st Place

Grade 9

  1. Max C – Senior Individual Website, 1st Place
  2. Samantha E – Senior Individual Website, 3rd Place
  3. Tess E – Senior Individual Historical Paper, 1st Place
  4. Aiden G – Senior Individual Exhibit, 2nd Place
  5. Edie J – Senior Individual Historical Paper, 3rd Place
  6. Maeve P – Senior Individual Historical Paper, 2nd Place
  7. Gwyneth W – Senior Individual Website, 2nd Place

Our New Butterfly and Pollinator Garden

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Thanks to the recent efforts of ten Riverstone students and parentsour and our partnership with Blake Schnebly at SustainingUS, our campus is now a more welcoming place for pollinators like butterflies, hummingbirds and honey bees! The recent installation of a Butterfly and Pollinator Garden between the Elementary School and the Middle School parking lot has also enhanced wildlife by providing seasonal food and shelter for birds.

Concerned about our role in weakening pollinator/plant relationships through the overuse of pesticides and other issues, the students created the garden to provide an oasis for plant and animal visitors. Educational signs will be installed shortly and will help teach our community about the importance of pollinator species.

Additionally, these signs will emphasize the role that the Butterfly and Pollinator Garden will play in the cleansing of pollutants from surface run-off from the parking lot. There’s a lot going on in that little corner of campus: come on over and check it out!

Special thanks to SustainingUS for native plant donations and project design and Home Depot for crabapple and cherry tree donations. Contact Ben Brock with any questions.


Outdoor Education Builds Community

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The beginning of school is chock full of great outdoor activities for Riverstone students of all ages! Outdoor Education is one of the Five Pillars at Riverstone; between providing opportunities for students to get to know their teachers and classmates better, presenting students with challenges that help foster self-confidence and leadership abilities, and having some good old fashioned fun, we feel that time outside plays a critical role in developing happy, well-rounded kids…of all ages!

For Elementary School students, the Back to School Rafting Trips are a fun community-building event; family members are encouraged to come out and meet new Riverstone families and to start the year off with a bang! Shortly thereafter Grade 4 will spend a week at the McCall Outdoor Science School and Grade 5 will spend a night camping out at the Intermountain Bird Observatory.

Middle and High School students will venture a little farther from home; Grade 6 treks to Yellowstone, Grade 7 floats the Main Salmon, and Grades 8-12 backpack into the glorious mountains of central Idaho. Each of these trips serves an important role in developing an appreciation of time spent in the outdoors and important skills are acquired at each step of the way.

In just a few short weeks, the 2015-16 Riverstone community will have made important steps toward being a tighter-knit community that is ready to make a difference!

Seeing is believing! Check out photos on Instagram or the Riverstone Facebook page!

Reflections on the Diploma Programme Exams

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2015-05-28 04.04.42The following is an excerpt from the Sept 28 newsletter introduction from Head of School Bob Carignan.

I would like to reflect on our IB Diploma Programme (DP) for students in grades 11-12 and how the program has shaped our school and our students. Last May marked the 10th year that we have administered IB exams. Since 2006, nearly 200 Riverstone students have taken the exams.

Here are some recent IB Diploma Programme stats and averages:

2,200+ schools worldwide currently offer the Diploma Programme

67,000 students worldwide were IB diploma candidates in 2014 (as compared to students who seek individual subject certificates only)

63-66% of United States diploma candidates earned the IB Diploma in recent years

73% of Riverstone diploma candidates over the past 10 years have earned the IB Diploma (these students attended Riverstone 4+ years, including students for whom English is not their first language)

78% of diploma candidates worldwide earned the IB Diploma in recent years

83% of Riverstone diploma candidates earned the IB Diploma in recent years

The International Baccalaureate programs we offer from Preschool through High School are not only excellent preparation for the examinations but also result in much better chances of success at college and university.

According to recent research from a professor at the University of Wisconsin, IB Diploma holders have higher first year retention and better success in college.

39% of all enrolled students graduate from 4 year institutions in 4 years

84% of IB diploma holders graduate from college in 4 years

So what does this all mean in the big picture? It goes back to those alumni that we were talking about. The IB, taught effectively as it is at Riverstone, prepares students well for college.

Our student leave here prepared academically, but also ready to engage with their teachers and classmates (one of the most important factors in college retention). Because of our small class sizes, and inquiry based learning, students connect with mentors and become more involved in their own education – they take this to college with them.

We are very excited by the graduates that we produce and it is a reflection of all of our staff who work hard to provide our students with the best education available.

Gr 5 Snow Scientists

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This blog was re-posted from the fifth grade teachers who are at McCall Outdoor Science School with our students:

“After a great evening discussion about the scientific method, we awoke this morning to a mix of rain and snow, which thankfully moved to snow and then even some sunshine. A delicious french toast, hash brown and egg breakfast got us off on the right foot, and, after a student-created weather report, we broke into day groups and headed into the field. Some groups went snow showing, some Nordic skiing, but everyone loved being outside. Science is happening everywhere: we have an ongoing soil density experiment observing surface run off and erosion, each group in the field is conducting their own unique scientific investigations, and the steps of the scientific method are being continually reiterated in new and different settings. Some groups began in snow science class in the classroom, profiling the layers of the snowpack, identifying snow crystal types, developing avalanche awareness during an awesome hands on experiment, and learning about all things snow. Know what Wumphing means, or where the subnivian layer can be found? Ask your snow scientist! Our first day as winter field scientists was a huge success!”

Spring trips depart

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Grades 8 – 10 departed this morning on their Spring Trips to various locations throughout the West. Our students started the morning energized and excited for the week ahead.  Grade 8 is headed for Hells Canyon; Grade 9 to Grand Gulch, Utah; and Grade 10 to the Owyhee Desert’s Sheep Creek.  We wish them a great adventure!



Winter Concert

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Wrapping up a trifecta of music events, our Winter Concert featured our Diploma Programme Music students and other accomplished music students from the younger grades. Compositions, ensembles, and individual performers made for a wonderful evening celebrating these students’ dedication to music.


The Balearic Sea and Ionian Sea are both part of what larger sea?

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Congratulations to Ryan S (Gr 5) who won the Elementary School Geography Bee last Friday! Ryan advances to the next round in which he’ll take an exam in order to qualify for the 100 spots at the state competition.

Our finalists faced some tough questions. Do you know:

  • Which European country that borders the North Sea and a strait called Kattegat gets about 20 percent of its electricity from wind power?
  • Or…the Balearic Sea and Ionian Sea are both part of what larger sea?

Thank you to the leaders of our Elementary School Student Council: Academic Excellence as well as Mr. Lindsay and Ms. Fitz for organizing the event!

In case you were wondering…the answers to the above questions are: Denmark and Mediterranean.






Riverstone Fútbol Club Victory!

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Riverstone’s High School Co-Ed Soccer Team wrapped up the Idaho Rush Select Fall Tournament with a 4-1 victory over tough competition throughout their bracket. This was Riverstone’s first athletic team championship; check back tomorrow for a posting with the history of our soccer program and the students and coaches who have paved the path for this team’s victory!

Thank you to Coach Stanley Mpoyi!