Three Schools in One

We share a mission while tailoring each school to the strengths and needs of each age group

There are three schools – also referred to as divisions – under the umbrella of the Riverstone International School.

  • Elementary School (preschool through grade 5)
  • Middle School (grades 6 – 9)
  • High School (grades 10 – 12)

Educating students from preschool though high school has its advantages

  • Our shared campus creates opportunities for greater awareness of other age groups
  • We can create leadership opportunities within each school and between schools
  • Our teachers build connections and collaborations

Dive deep into the division that interests you

Whether you are interested in one or more of our schools, we hope that our website makes it easy for you to dive deep into what makes that school unique. Be sure to read about each of our five pillars for each school, the extracurricular activities and more!