Frequently Asked Questions in the Middle School

We put together some of our most asked questions in this list. If you have a question that you aren’t finding here or elsewhere on our website, please send us an email and we’ll be glad to help!

Why do parents and students choose Riverstone International School?

There are many reasons why parents choose to invest in their child’s education at Riverstone International School. Every student and every family has a unique perspective. Here are the reasons parents say they choose Riverstone:

  • Challenging and engaging academics
  • Small classes and personal attention
  • Excellent teaching staff
  • International classmates and international focus
  • Outdoor education
  • Culture of excellence and innovation

How many students attend Riverstone?

Our Middle School includes approximately 90 students from grades 6-9. Approximately 350 students attend Riverstone International School from preschool through high school. We believe that as a small school we can best meet our mission and the needs of our students.

How big are the classes in the Middle School?

One of the keys to having engaging academics and strong student-teacher relationships is the personal attention that only a small class with an outstanding teacher can provide. Riverstone enrolls students each year in all grades, preschool – grade 12.

In Middle and High School (grades 6 – 12), our core class average is fewer than 20 students. Core classes include the six subject groups.

When students enter the Diploma Programme (DP) in grades 11-12, classes are even smaller as Riverstone offers more DP courses than any other school in the area.

What time do Middle School students attend class?

Middle School students (grades 6-9) attend school Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 3:20 PM.

Are there dances in the Middle School?

Yes, we typically have 2-3 Middle School dances each school year. We also have social activities that are organized by our Student Life Coordinator in cooperation with the Student Council. For example, Middle School students may meet at the school, ride the bus together to the Lindner Farms Corn Maze, socialize and have fun at the Corn Maze, and then return to school as a group. We also have held free movie nights on the lawn at school and ridden the bus to cheer on the Otters at a game across town.

Do you have sports teams in the Middle School?

Yes! We have volleyball, basketball (both girls and boys), orienteering, as well as snowboard and skiing teams. Read about our athletic teams here.

Do you offer art and music? What other electives can I take?

Yes. Students take a semester of art and semester of music each year in Middle School as part of the Middle Years Programme (MYP). We do not offer traditional electives because all the courses in the MYP are considered core classes. However, we have many student clubs and activities to join before- and after-school.

What kind of school is Riverstone?

Riverstone is an independent day school, which serves approximately 350 students in preschool through grade 12. Our mission is to inspire courageous journeys of academic and personal exploration that enable our students to lead purposeful lives.

Aren’t all IB schools the same?

No. Although all authorized International Baccalaureate World Schools are committed to a common philosophy, every school develops their own curriculum and establishes their own priorities. Experience, resources for activities and field trips, and class size impact the ability to which a school can fully embrace the philosophy of the IB programes.

Riverstone International School was Idaho’s first IB World School.

Does Riverstone offer scholarships or financial aid?

Yes! We strive to make Riverstone as accessible to families as possible and currently, about 25% of our students receive financial aid. Additionally, students entering grades 7-9 who are U.S. citizens  may apply for Malone Family Foundation Scholarships. Most importantly, financial aid and scholarships do not need to be repaid.  Please read more about scholarships and tuition assistance.

Does Riverstone provide transportation?

Parents may sign their students up for our fee-based, morning-only bus service from Boise’s north end area. Please read more about Riverstone’s bus service, including ValleyRide’s bus service.

Do Riverstone students wear uniforms?

No, Riverstone students do not wear uniforms. However, as an International Baccalaureate World School, Riverstone places a high level of importance on international understanding and cultural sensitivity. Students and staff should dress in a respectful manner that would not be considered offensive to other members of the community.