Welcome from the Middle School Director

Dear Parents and Students,

Middle School at Riverstone is different.

The key to our students’ success in Middle School is strong and positive relationships with teachers in our small classes, and a progressively challenging outdoor education program. We strive to know and support each of our students in and outside of classrooms so that they are comfortable asking questions, engaging in classroom discussion, and sharing their opinions. They learn to think critically, collaborate, create, and provide feedback to classmates.

Academics in the Middle School is focused on skills development while exploring big concepts in engaging curricula. Learning is active and inquiry-based. We encourage our students to learn by questioning, analyzing, and synthesizing information from a variety of sources. We support our students as they advocate for, question, and argue for their thoughts and ideas.

Relationships between students and faculty are formed, extended, and cemented through collaborative class projects, service-learning experiences, advisory group challenges, physical education, and the school’s outdoor education program. Participation in extracurricular activities, clubs, and athletics is encouraged. We also offer optional summer trips to locations such as Washington, D.C., Monterey, California, southern Florida, and Europe have expanded our students’ view of the world and built new friendships.

We believe the challenges our students face and will continue to face as adults are complex. We help our students learn to overcome complexity and ambiguity by using problem solving routines and understanding how to gather, sort and analyze facts. We provide opportunities to practice collaboration with others and learn to communicate effectively in writing and orally.

Additionally, the Middle School experience at Riverstone prepares students for one of the most comprehensive college preparatory experiences – the International Baccalaureate’s Diploma Programme for 11th and 12th graders. Our students do extremely well in the Diploma Programme because of their preparation in Riverstone’s Middle School – they can write effectively for a variety of purposes, they can research, they know how to recognize patterns and connections, and they know how to synthesize information to form a judgment – and they do it in every subject.

I encourage you to visit Riverstone. Meet our faculty and students. I am certain you will find them to be warm and welcoming, but also engaged with the learning and teaching at hand.

I look forward to meeting you.






Andy Johnson
Middle and High School Director