Leadership by Example in the Elementary School

We value leadership

We believe students develop into leaders by influencing those around them by their examples and how they lead their lives. Leadership can be as simple as how students choose to behave in class, at recess, or on field trips.

Every day, students have opportunities to set an example for others

End-of-unit presentations

At Riverstone, we help students develop through end-of-unit presentations. Each class holds at least four open houses for family and friends during the school year to share what has been learned during a unit of inquiry. At these open houses, students typically work together to determine how to best share what they have learned. For example, first graders learn about perspective through the eyes of the Wampanoag Indians and the Pilgrims. At the end of their six-week unit of inquiry, they write — in their own words — and perform a mini-play showcasing what they learned. After the play, they share their individual work with visitors.

Elementary School Student Council

The Elementary School Student Council provides leadership opportunities as well. Our fifth graders are elected by classmates to focus on one of our Five Pillars, and students in other grades can volunteer to be part of the council. Each of the five groups develops activities or events associated with their pillar. For example, our international understanding representatives recently organized an international food festival in which they gathered volunteers to bring food and developed materials about the represented cultures. Additionally, the academic excellence group organized a Geography Bee. And our outdoor education group is developing a marketing campaign to boost collections of Box Tops for Education, which will help purchase recess supplies.

Other ways that we promote leadership include:

  • Students lead Elementary School assemblies with their class
  • Students have roles in the classroom that help them learn to lead and follow
  • Classroom buddies