Outdoor Education

Not all classrooms have walls

Riverstone’s outdoor education program helps our students develop self-confidence, teamwork, leadership skills, and responsibility while fostering a greater appreciation for nature and the environment.

In our Elementary School, we help students develop a respect for the environment and build skill sets that will encourage a lifetime of discovery in the outdoors.

The beauty of outdoor learning

Whether right here on our own beautiful campus or the mountains, rivers and deserts that surround us, we strive to nurture our students’ curiosity and help them feel at home in the outdoors. We introduce students to a range of activities and environments while challenging them to make meaningful connections to the classroom — and to their lives. Students learn about insects at Bruneau Dunes State Park, about the hydrologic cycle near Warm Lake, and about animal adaptations in Ponderosa State Park. We also teach about living in the desert and ways we can reduce our water consumption. Equally important, we help students gain an appreciation for the organisms that share our Southern Idaho home.

Helping students develop character

While many of our activities function as important extensions of the classroom, others focus on developing individual skills that set the stage for Middle and High School. As students take more responsibility for their own well-being, they become comfortable acting independently. New environments, new equipment, and new issues encourage them to become critical thinkers and work collaboratively as they solve problems or resolve conflicts together. Along the way, ice-skating, snowshoeing, and nordic skiing help students develop good old-fashioned balance, stamina, and strength too. And with teachers and parents there every step of the way, students are able to grow in a safe, supportive environment.

Building community

Our outdoor program fosters a unique sense of community between Elementary School students, teachers, and parents who learn to trust, challenge, and support each other on trips. Whether laughing together after splashing through a rapid, working together to set up a tent, or telling stories around a campfire, every child and family is an integral part of the experience.

Elementary School Outdoor Education Activities

Pre-school – Rafting and swimming lessons

Pre Kindergarten – Rafting and ice skating lessons

Kindergarten – Rafting, ice skating lessons, and an overnight camping at Montour Wildlife Refuge

Grade 1 – Rafting, ice skating lessons, and an overnight camping at Bruneau Dunes State Park

Grade 2 – Rafting, nordic skiing lessons, and a three-day camping trip at Miracle Hot Springs

Grade 3 – Rafting, nordic skiing lessons, and a four-day camp-based trip at Horsethief Reservoir

Grade 4 – Rafting, SnowSchool at Bogus Basin, and a five-day camp-based fall trip at McCall Outdoor Science School

Grade 5 – Rafting, overnight camping trip at Intermountain Bird Observatory, and a five-day camp-based winter trip at McCall Outdoor Science School