Measuring Success on the National and International Stage

We know our students are prepared for a global future

At Riverstone International School, we understand that our students will need to be prepared to interact, study, and work alongside peers from around the world. As a result, we offer an international curriculum. We also benchmark our students on both a national and international stage.

Utilizing standardized testing is only one of the many ways that we assess students’ academic progress. Typically, students will be challenged to demonstrate their ability to understand and apply new knowledge through open-ended questions, literary analysis, essays, oral presentations, musical compositions, or original art. In our small classrooms, teachers can quickly gauge students’ understanding of new material. However, we recognize that there are benefits of carefully choosing appropriate tools for standardized testing and have chosen a combination of tests that allow us to do the following:

  • Compare our students’ performance to both national and international testing benchmarks;
  • Evaluate our students’ progress over time;
  • Evaluate our curriculum so that we may continue to improve;
  • Develop students’ confidence in and experience with taking standardized tests.

Additionally, we are committed to sharing results with the school community on an aggregate basis while individual results are only released to parents.

Riverstone students are typically performing above state, national, and international scores; and in some cases, well above students around the world.

  • The average scores for grades 3, 5, 7, and 9 were comparable or exceeded world averages in each of four scales (Reading Literacy, Mathematical Literacy, Writing Narrative and Writing Argument) for the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA);
  • The average scores for grades 12 on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) were significantly above Idaho and national averages;
  • The average scores for grade 11 on the PSAT were well above Idaho and national averages.

We are pleased that our results confirm what we already know: great things happen in Riverstone classrooms.


SAT Ind Test Scores

SAT CombinedTest Scores

ACT Test Scores

Gr 3 ISA Scores 2015-16

Gr 5 ISA Scores 2015-16

Gr 7 ISA Scores 2015-16

Gr 9 ISA Scores 2015-16