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Camp Invention Day Three

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We’re at the halfway point of this year’s Camp Invention and kids are really hitting their groove! It was Mix and Match Day so there are some crazy combos of clothing. Tomorrow is Aloha Day so be sure to remember your grass skirts, leis, Aloha shirt,  or inventor friendly beach wear!

Here’s a recap from the Camp Invention parent flyer:

It sure was salty in Amazing Atlas Games today, when we visited the Dead Sea. Did you know that very salty water can make objects float? We do!  Inspired by examples of how animals and plants that live in the ocean remove salt from their bodies, we invented ultimate fantasy animals to populate and bring life to the Dead Sea. 

Everything was shaken up in Ecoverse as we encountered an earthquake on Hawai`i, discovered how tectonic plates can move, and found out how to read the vibrations of the Earth. We even invented our own seismoscope to make sure we won’t be caught off balance again! Our skills have been improving rapidly and today we earned the earth glyph, bringing us increasingly close to our finished petrosphere! As the day drew to a close, we uncovered a mysterious box with the stamp of the sunken ship we found yesterday. 

Today we received another treasure-filled cache in Cache Dash! After finishing our global challenge solution designs, we went on a fun-filled scavenger hunt to find the combination to a locked cache. We opened the cache and received a new set of global challenges – this time dealing with extreme nature! We also received working motors to use in our designs.

It’s Day Three of the I Can Invent: Launchitude module, and we’ve been exploring velocity! How fast can we fling our duck? Will our duck knock down competitor duck territory? How can we reengineer their materials to create the ultimate Duck Chucking Device? We tested and retested our designs to help us think and strategize.


Camp Invention Day Two

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Today was the second day of Camp Invention at Riverstone International School!

**Here’s a quick snapshot of what we did today…

It’s Day Two of the Cache Dash™ and we investigated the global challenges involving traffic troubles in Paris, running out of living space in Singapore, and turning marine debris into power in Honduras. We generated potential solutions to these challenges at Idea Stations, had the chance to pick which challenge we were most interested in solving and they started building.

Today in Ecoverse™ we headed out to sea as we navigated across the ocean to find a sunken ship
and studied how scientists use SONAR. Our biggest challenge today was to retrieve a message in a bottle found under the sea near the shipwreck! The message gave us a clue of where we will head tomorrow. Our oceanic odyssey earned us the water glyph for our Petrosphere Journal!

During Day Two of Amazing Atlas Games™, we hiked to the top of K2, the second tallest mountain in the world! We accidentally dropped our hiking supplies and built a contraption to retrieve them from the mountain ledge. We also explored center of gravity as we balanced rocks, including ones we brought in from home, to create the tallest rock towers.

Today in the I Can Invent: Launchitude™ module, Take Apart continued, and teams tested the trajectory of their ducks to increase the accuracy of their Duck Chucking Device. Will our machines be sharp shooters, or will our ducks fail to fly?

Stay tuned!

**Information from the parent flier from Camp Invention.

Camp Invention 2013 Begins!

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Today was the first day of Camp Invention at Riverstone International School!

**Here’s a quick snapshot of what we did today…

In the Cache Dash™ module, we were recruited to be expedition trainees. We used outdoor treasure hunting and navigation techniques to complete a challenge course and received a clue to the location of a cache. We figured out the clue and found the cache, which contained invention challenges from youth in France, Singapore and Honduras. The cache was also filled with special technology materials to include in our solution designs!

In Ecoverse™, we embarked on our quest to explore the realms of the Earth. Today, we reached for the sky as we explored constellations and built a stellar navigation tool! We used our device to locate our Petrosphere Journals, where we will reflect, explore, and sketch their ideas and descriptions of the Earth all week long. Our achievements earned us the sky glyph! The constellation Pisces is the clue for the location of tomorrow’s quest.

The hottest place on Earth is where our Amazing Atlas Games™ module started. To find it, we had to locate the Sahara Desert using latitude and longitude markings on a world map. While exploring the desert, we built an insulated cover to protect our equipment from overheating. We each need to bring in one fist-sized or smaller clean rock for tomorrow’s adventures.

In the I Can Invent: Launchitude™ module, we received our week’s mission: to help a flock of international rubber ducks get home! Today, some of us began disassembling appliances to locate gadgets and gears that can be incorporated into our duck launching inventions, while others began designing. We will work together this week to build the ultimate Duck Chucking Device!

**Information from the parent flier from Camp Invention.

Tomorrow is Zany Hat Day!

Camp Invention Keeps Kids Thinking

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Aliens and time travelers have descended upon this year’s Camp Invention at Riverstone International School! Throughout the five day program, our alien and time traveler participants being challenged to elaborate, refine, analyze and evaluate their ideas while exploring the connections between science, technology, engineering and innovation. There’s a lot going on but here’s the shortened version of what the kids have been up to:

  • In Inventeureka, students are taking a fantasy adventure on Ci6000 Space Modulator Time Machine to explore serendipitous moments in invention history. They are exploring the principles of flight and light while continuing to refine their inventions.
  • In Magnetropolis, kids find a magnificent island by navigating hand-crafted upcycled ships to the last known location of the island while exploring science skills such as buoyancy, orienteering and magnetism. They then rebuild the island to scale using engineering design and mathematics such as creating a light tower exactly 100ft high to scale to safely guide ships back to the island of Magnetropolis.
  • In I Can Invent: Balloon Burst, children invent fantastical machines and work in teams to build inventions that burst water balloons, while older children create multi-step, balloon bursting Rube Goldberg-type machines, signifying their success.
  • The Action and Adventure Games module scores a home run by combining physical activity and creativity. Children practice teamwork, cooperation, coordination, and creative problem solving processes during fun, energetic games.

Thanks to our teachers, counselors, and junior counselors for taking such good care of the participants and special thanks to site coordinator, Tarrah Elam, for doing such a great job keeping things running smoothly!












































Ceramics, Ooey Gooey Science, and Hogwarts for Muggles

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It’s one of our busiest weeks of summer activities with lots of experimentation and exploration in Ooey Gooey Science, creations of clay masterpieces in Ceramics, and practice and games surrounding spells and charms at Hogwarts for Muggles. The laughter and smiles are contagious! Here are a few photos taken during today’s classes.

We have two more weeks of activities if you’re looking for something fun to round out the summer before school starts. Check out the summer activities button on the school website to learn more about Plein Aire Painting, Fencing, and Crash Course for the SAT.

Summer School: Ooey Gooey Science Finale

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From Kari Boazman: “Sadly, today was our last day of Ooey Gooey Science Camp. We made two different types of ice cream, one in an ice cream maker and one in plastic baggies with ice. We also made bubble snakes and bubble prints. Our finale was to make Mentos volcanoes.

Thank you so much for sharing your children with us! We had a great week of science experiments.”

Alex Day 5

Day 5 Ethan M

Making Ice Cream

Lauren and Charlotte Day 5