Riverstone College Counseling Mission Statement

The college counselor will support students and parents as they seek to find what is truly the best educational path for them upon leaving Riverstone.  The counselor will take a proactive approach from when the student first enters high school, getting to know them as individuals, urging them to think about their future, and collaborating with their parents and teachers to ensure that each student take the steps necessary to earn their IB Diploma, submit compelling applications, and step out into the world with confidence, knowledge, and purpose. 


Riverstone’s College Counseling Office Vision Statement 

Each student will be supported and challenged when charting their own path to learning, career-readiness, and life-fulfillment beyond Riverstone.  Students will use the knowledge gained through their education here; their independence and curiosity as thinkers; their own initiative, research, and reflection skills; collaboration with teachers, counselors, and parents; and the perspective and confidence gained through their outdoor leadership and service experiences to answer for themselves, “What is the good life?” and to go out and live it.

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