Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members,


We know the often immeasurable impact teachers, peers, and the school community have on the development of our children, which is why it is such an important decision where a child goes to school. Riverstone International School is a place built on five pillars to reach our mission of inspiring courageous journeys of academic and personal exploration that enable our students to lead purposeful lives. Let’s dive into how these five pillars create the best foundation for your students. 

Pillar 1 – Academic Excellence

In 2022, Riverstone students outperformed their peers regionally and nationally on the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests compared to western private school averages and national averages. Riverstone’s High School was ranked in the top 1% of all High Schools in the nation based on the oldest recognized high school ranking system, the Jay Mathews Challenge Index, showing 100% of students passed at least one IB exam during their high school time at Riverstone. Academic Excellence is at the core of Riverstone and students consistently display high achievement in and through their time at Riverstone. 

Pillar 2 – Community and Service

Every Wednesday students participate in Classrooms Without Walls where learning takes place outside of the four walls of the school. This time teaches students to practice the International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile attributes in the real world and be leaders in the community. Within the school, high school students give back to the school and support younger learners. 

Pillar 3 – Leadership by Example

Students learn to advocate for themselves and take responsibility for their own learning. They are active participants in the learning process, reflecting, and identifying areas for their own growth while assessing their own work and the work of their peers. Students are also recognized leaders in the community from winning awards playing sports at neighboring high schools to having Riverstone students recognized as Rotary Century Scholars.

Pillar 4 – International Understanding

At the core of an IB school is a commitment to teaching and celebrating international understanding. In addition to the diversity taught, Riverstone High School students have the beautiful opportunity to go to a high school with about 25% of the student population as boarding students and the school collectively representing 35 countries. 

Pillar 5 – Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is a pillar that really makes Riverstone a unique place as it allows students to not only have academic rigor, but an opportunity to learn and develop in the environment. Students begin taking overnight outdoor trips in kindergarten and by the time they are in high school, they are acting as leaders on five-day backpacking trips and have built truly transformational relationships with staff and students during these outdoor learning experiences.

When we look back on our childhood, we think back to the memories, experiences, knowledge, and friendships made throughout our school years. Riverstone is a place with clearly defined five pillars to allow students to reach their fullest potential. 

If you are considering joining the Riverstone community, please do not hesitate to reach out for a tour or conversation. I am happy to show you the five pillars in action and answer any questions you may have about our school. I look forward to meeting you soon!

All my best,

Stacey Walker

High School Director