In the Middle School, we strive to bring our mission to life for our grade 6 through 8 students so that they have the academic skills and the social-emotional skills needed for success in future learning and life. By providing a nurturing environment and strengthening their community, we can know each student as an individual and help them develop independence, a willingness to take action, an ability to reflect upon their own learning, and gain an appreciation for others.

Letter from Damon Brown, MS Director

Small classes and caring, experienced staff make all the difference

The Middle School years can be especially life changing for students as they strive to develop their individual sense of self while being part of a larger group. We have made a very deliberate choice to keep our classes small so that each student will receive individual attention and have the opportunity to be exceptionally well-known by their teachers. These nurturing relationships are critical to helping students gain confidence as they explore new topics, connect classroom learning to the real world, and tackle challenges big and small. Our teachers will inspire your students willingness to be courageous – whether it’s solving algebraic equations, giving a presentation in Mandarin or Spanish, learning to filter water safely from a stream, or raise a hand and share an opinion. It all takes courage.

In the Middle School, students move between classrooms for their classes. Their teachers are all subject area specialists and have IB training. Collaboration among our teachers ensures that students can see the connections between concepts, other subjects, and the real world.

By keeping our class size small, our teachers can plan more engaging and hands-on activities for students, more field trips, and take advantage of special teaching opportunities that arise. Students dive into projects that develop students’ skills in independent research, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

We are the first school in Idaho authorized to develop our own International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme curriculum. We are committed to ensuring that we meet the true philosophy of the Middle Years Programme, which is a challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. Each year, our teachers and administration reflect upon and refine our curriculum to ensure we are meeting the needs of students. Just as our world and our students are ever-evolving, our teaching practices evolve.

Five pillars create pathways to exploration

We believe that a well-rounded education leads to a well-rounded individual, ready to take advantage of opportunities in a changing world. The five pillars at Riverstone become the pathways that our students develop their academic and personal skills, as well as connect classroom learning to the greater world: Academic Excellence, Community and Service, Leadership by Example, International Understanding, and Outdoor Education.

The five pillars are integrated into the education our students experience and lie at the heart of who we are. Please read more by perusing the tabs for each pillar so that you can see how your child will grow and develop.

Student in middle school at Riverstone

Building community and connections

The transition to Middle School can be both exhilarating and unnerving for students, as they learn to navigate multiple classrooms and teachers, as well as their own social network. To support them in this transition, we have he Blast Program available for students to develop their middle school academic and organizational skills. Students are part of multi-age River Camp Advisory groups that build tradition through fun competitions throughout the year, plan social events, and join athletic and academic teams.

Homeroom Advisory: This is a time for middle school students to begin and end the day with thoughtfulness and intention. Students meet in small groups with the same teacher both morning and afternoon. Students engage in mindfulness, homework checks, and organizational and social support. 

Support Block: Support Block meets 2 times per week and is a time set aside for students to engage in more individualized learning including "tune-ups" and support in areas of growth as well as extension in areas of strength.  Students will set and review year goals as well as engage in social and emotional learning sessions. This time also allows extra time for intensive projects such as National History Day.

Explore the Middle School

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Middle School Faculty