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Grade 6 at Riverstone

A Heroic Journey: Beginning with a week in Yellowstone Park, students become heroes in a real-life story as they read and create narratives while engaging in heroic quests, uncovering the secrets of science, math, the environment, and themselves.

Solving Real Problems: Students are introduced to the design cycle allowing them to solve real-life problems using digital and analog tools. They have the opportunity to design and prototype in our 3D printing lab and build in our Maker Space.

Understanding Our Community: The spring concludes with a week-long camping trip during which students discover the forces that have shaped the history and geography of southwestern Idaho.

Experiencing the World: Students immerse themselves in the cultures of India, Mexico, China, and Europe through music, art, and language fostering a deeper connection to the many cultures of our world.

Grade 7 at Riverstone

Being a Maker: Students utilize Newton’s laws and  principles of materials science to create a chariot, continuously improving its safety and performance through scientific data collection and analysis  

Growing Ourselves and Others: Fall and spring cycling adventures help students develop essential skills for leadership, collaboration, and thriving in the outdoors while understanding their limitations and staying safe.

21st Century Communication: Students design and build informative and interactive museum exhibits. Conduct thorough research create compelling arguments supported by evidence and even delve into the art and language of CSS coding.

Understanding Change: Exploring how individuals and societies can come to terms with dark moments like genocides and refugee crises, students develop strategies for positive change.

Grade 8 at Riverstone

Making Change: Students take action by using their scientific knowledge and strong writing skills to influence agricultural and environmental legislation. They also apply math and historical understanding to address today’s environmental challenges. 

Authentic Decision-Making: Through practical applications of linear equations, parliamentary debates, and mock trials students learn effective group decision-making skills while analyzing personal and corporate outcomes.

Traveling Far and Well: Starting with the summer trip to Washington DC, students learn independence, teamwork, and resilience through once-in-a-lifetime experiences including 5 days rafting the wild Salmon River and 5 days backpacking the world-renowned Hell’s Canyon.

Preparing for the Future: With high school right around the corner, the MYP at Riverstone provides a comprehensive middle school education that sets the stage for internationally competitive high school education.