A Letter from Ashley Dugovich, Director of Development, Marketing & Communications

As the school year is about to begin we wanted to share some important news about our upcoming Gala at Riverstone International School. Your involvement in our past events has been greatly appreciated, and we’re eager to have you join us again for this exciting night.

In response to valuable feedback from our community, we’ve made a change to our Annual Auction Gala – we’re moving the date of our event to the fall season! This adjustment reflects our commitment to enhancing community engagement early in the academic year, creating a strong foundation for collaboration and shared experiences. This date change will also push the Annual Fund to the Spring of 2024, giving Riverstone a better understanding of its financial goal for this fundraising event.

What can you expect on the night of the event? Our Halloween-Themed Gala promises to be a captivating evening that brings together our families, alumni, educators, and supporters. It’s an opportunity to connect, celebrate, and establish meaningful relationships that will enrich the entire year. Costumes will also be highly encouraged!

We’re looking forward to sharing more details about the event and the experiences it holds. Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] for further information.

Additionally, we invite you to explore our opportunities for auction donations and corporate sponsorships, which play a vital role in supporting our school’s mission and initiatives. Your contribution can make a significant impact on the success of our gala and the enriching experiences we provide to our students.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Igniting the Vision for the Future of Riverstone: A Space for Connection and Growth

Riverstone International School invites you to join hands in shaping a future brimming with possibilities. Our Annual Auction Gala, scheduled for October 27th, heralds an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to the "Vision for the Future of Riverstone" through our Fund-a-Need initiative.

This year's Fund-a-Need will focus on developing an outdoor communal spot where students can forge lasting connections, a space designed not only for camaraderie but also for learning beyond the traditional classroom walls. With your generous support, we envision the creation of a dynamic communal area—a vibrant hub where minds and ideas flourish and lifelong friendships blossom. 

But the "Vision for the Future of Riverstone" is a mosaic, ever-evolving and expansive. Your contributions will also set the foundation for an updated comprehensive master-building plan, one that accommodates our growing community of learners and educators. It's a blueprint that mirrors our commitment to excellence, nurturing an environment where learning transcends conventional boundaries and paves the way for pioneering education.

Join us on October 27th at our Annual Auction Gala to kindle this vision into reality. Your support not only fuels bricks and mortar but also ignites a spirit of togetherness, innovation, and unyielding growth.

Join us as a Table or Corporate Sponsor

Want to promote your business or show your support? Consider sponsoring Riverstone's Annual Auction Gala! We have general sponsorships available as well as sponsorships for signature cocktails, bid paddles, the band, and more!

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Marketing Partner Opportunities

Donate Live or Silent Auction Items

Share your expertise. Do you have a hobby, profession, skill, or access to unique opportunities you would be willing to share with kids, families, or adults? Special dinners, weekend getaways, guided trips, and family experiences are always popular donations and are a fun way to raise money for Riverstone.

Share your connections. Your connections to theater, music events, sporting events, dining, books, art, jewelry, and gift certificates are always helpful and appreciated.

Live & Silent Auction Donation Form

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The Annual Auction Gala is truly a team effort and there are several opportunities to get involved.

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